Children at the Triumph International School in Mowire, Ghana spend up to three hours each day transporting water to their homes from the nearest well more than a mile away.

You can help change this.

The mission of Ghana On Tap (GOT) is to build and maintain a well at the Triumph International School in Mowire, Ghana to improve access to clean, safe water for the three hundred and fifty Triumph International students. In working towards this goal, the organization also seeks to raise awareness of the challenges related to water access among its supporters, and to empower local women in Mowire with knowledge of well maintenance.

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1.1 Billion
The number of people worldwide who live without safe drinking water

340 Million
The number of people in sub-Saharan Africa who do not have access to a disease & parasite free water source

12 Million
The number of people that die each year from lack of safe drinking water

Percentage of water unused each year due to lack of wells, canals, reservoirs and other irrigation systems

Percentage of disease in Ghana brought on by inadequate water supply and poor sanitation services